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The Call of Community Leadership

Welcome to CFLeads. We are a national learning cooperative on community leadership. What does that mean? We are the hub and go-to source for community foundations committed to building community leadership as a core and enduring competency. For community foundations to work in new ways that improve and strengthen their communities is not easy but it is essential. Recognizing community leadership as the wave of the future of the field, this is our vision:

Community foundations take on challenging issues, pursue cross-sector solutions, engage citizens, and marshal the needed resources to improve their communities and provide opportunity for all.

Recognizing that it will take practical tools and the practice of new skills to improve community leadership among community foundations, this is our mission:

CFLeads helps community foundations advance the practice of community leadership to build thriving communities.

As a “coalition of the willing” our work depends on your active participation. Please join us in ushering in the next wave of community foundation practice. Become part of a vibrant and robust community of practitioners focused on peer learning and exchange. Seize this opportunity to improve your craft of community leadership in order to help your foundation achieve greater community impact. We invite you to visit these pages to learn from your colleagues’ experience and share your own promising community leadership practices.

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