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Community Leadership Framework

National Task Force on Community Leadership

The National Task Force on Community Leadership (NTF) was formed in 2007 as a one time, high-profile effort to lay out a community leadership structure that is clear, concise, and challenging – while affording individual community foundations the flexibility to identify their own paths to community leadership within their own organizational and community contexts. NTF is part of a multi-tiered effort by the Council on Foundations' Community Foundations Leadership Team and CFLeads to strengthen the field's knowledge and understanding of community leadership models and practices. The NTF is composed of 30 philanthropic leaders who reflect the rich diversity of the community foundation field.

The NTF provided a forum for philanthropic leaders to explore and articulate the pathways that will facilitate the shift to community leadership as a core competency of community foundations. In 2008, the NTF released the Framework for Community Leadership by a Community Foundation.