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Peter Pennekamp

CEO Visits by CFLeads

Peter Pennekamp

Humboldt Area Foundation

Peter is Executive Director Emeritus of the Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF). He is on leave from the Board of CFLeads and was a member of CFLeads National Task Force on Community Leadership. He is a Trustee of the Bush Foundation (Minneapolis) and an associate of the Kettering Foundation. Kettering recently published his paper (with Anne Focke) on Philanthropy and the Regeneration of Community Democracy, the subject of workshops he is conducting nationally.

He is a past Trustee of the California Endowment, the Morris Graves Foundation, InterNews Network (Chair), Grantmakers in the Arts (Chair), California Council on the Humanities, and others. He has also been an advisor or invited participant to the California Governor's Broadband Task Force, Blueprint R&D (On the Brink of New Promise), The Center for Philanthropy and Public Policy at the University of Southern California, Aspen Roundtable on Community Change, Aspen Community Strategies Group, and Independent Television Service, among others.

Peter has been a speaker or panelist for many organizations, including Council on Foundations, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Smithsonian Institution, Ford Foundation, Public Library Association, Getty Center for Education in the Arts, Association of American Law Schools and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Past employment includes Vice President of National Public Radio and Director of the Interarts Program of the National Endowment for the Arts (both in Washington D.C.).